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NuEnergy is a company that is more than a transaction of renewable goods; it is, in fact, the next generation of socially responsible companies rooted in The thrill of scientific exploration, research and development; The development of market research and commercialization; Sound knowledge development based on proven scientific principles. As a company “on the rise”, NuEnergy prides itself on being more than a manufacturer of the popular industry widgets of the day; in fact, it prides itself on being a solution bearer to our world’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

KANGEN WATER machines are manufactured by ENAGIC, a 43 year old Billion dollar firm. Kangen Water has a lot of science behind it. There have been over 400 Peer reviewed Medical Research White Papers written about "KANGEN" Water. The Japanese Minister of Health has CERTIFIED the Enagic KANGEN WATER Machines as "MEDICAL DEVICES" and the Kangen Water Machines are installed in over 400 Japanese Hospitals where they use it to Treat patients. KANGEN Machines DO NOT HEAL nor do they CURE ANYONE...nor does the Enagic Company state that. YOUR OWN BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF when provided PROPER ENERGY and NUTRITION. Kangen Machines DO NOT JUST CHANGE the ALKALINITY or PH ONLY! The machines also REDUCE the water ORP (see below) and additionally, it micro clusters the molecules (see below) KANGEN Machines DO CHANGE the PH of water, making over 5 different types of PH Water...2.5 ph (Acid Water used for sterilization)...6.0 ph (Beauty Water, used as a skin toner)...7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 PH Water for DRINKING and finally, 11.5 PH Water for cleaning vgetabls and COOKING with. The Kangen machine ALSO CHANGES the ORP, Oxidation Reduction POTENTIAL (VOLTAGE) (ENERGY) of the HYDROGEN and OXYGEN in the form of a NEGATIVE IONIC Charge measured in MILLI-VOLTS...a K8 Machine can REDUCE the ORP of WATER to - NEGATIVE -800 MILLI-VOLT which ADDS a POWERFUL NEGATIVE IONIC ENERGY CHARGE to the HYDROGEN & OXYGEN in the KANGEN water that ATTRACTS POSITIVELY CHARGED FREE RADICALS (Bad Guys that DESTROY our Healthy Cells) and once the NEGATIVELY CHARGED HYDROGEN and OXYGEN attach themselves to the FREE RADICALS that have built up in our bodies, they then get EXCRETED OUT of our bodies in the form of SWEAT, URINE and via bowel movements. Thus, DETOXING our bodies from all kinds of FREE RADICALS that have built up in our Organs, joints, Blood and tissue...over time, giving our own bodies the ability to bring our body back, to a STATE of HEALTHY cells rid of FREE RADICALS. Additionally, the FACT (science) that The Kangen machine ALSO CHANGES the STRUCTURE of the Water Hydrogen Oxygen Molecules into HEXAGONAL MICRO CLUSTERS that are NEGATIVELY CHARGED and are 6 times SMALLER than normal tap or bottled water molecules. Thus, giving the KANGEN water molecules the perfect size and NEGATIVE CHARGE to INSTANTLY penetrate the POSITIVE CHARGED mitochondrial wall of our DNA to HYDRATE us at the CELLULAR Level INSTANTLY. Bringing the MOST POWERFUL ANTI OXIDANT known to man (PURE HYDROGEN) in instant DIRECT contact with our cells as well as PURE OXYGEN in instant DIRECT contact with our cells, INSTANTLY HYDRATING us, INSTANTLY HYDROGENATING us (The most Powerful anti oxidant known to man/HYDROGEN/turned loose and DESTROYING FREE RADICAL Anti Oxidants) and INSTANTLY OXYGENATING us (OXIDIZING and DESTROYING all cancer and per the Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg proved in 1933 that NO CANCER or VIRUS can survive in an OXYGEN RICH environment.

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