Pollution is the presentation of pollution into the environment that causes hurtful and dangerous impacts to living things. Contamination can appear as concoction substances or vitality, for example, clamor, warmth or light. Contamination is regularly delegated point source or non-point source contamination. Commotion contamination, pollution and global warming too are the harming nature at a disturbing rate. Clamor contamination incorporate airplane commotion, clamor of autos, transports, and trucks, vehicle horns, amplifiers, and industry clamor, and in addition high-power sonar impacts which are to a great degree destructive for the earth. Soil pollution, which can likewise be called soil sullying, is an aftereffect of corrosive rain, dirtied water, composts and so on, which prompts to awful yields. Soil sullying happens when chemicals are discharged by spill or underground stockpiling tank spillage which discharges overwhelming contaminants into the dirt. These may incorporate hydrocarbons, substantial metals, MTBE, herbicides, pesticides and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Light Pollution incorporates light trespass, over-enlightenment and galactic obstruction.

  • Ancient Cultures
  • Forms of Pollution
  • Human Health
  • Sources and Causes
  • Green House
  • Corrosion
  • Pollution Control Devices

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